Sunday, September 13, 2009

Memorial of Nahneebahweequa

Thought I would share this with you a little history to record some day for future generations who wonder what it all means

John Anderson of Cobble Links and I spoke in May 2009 about fixing up my ancestors memorial site .
Mr Anderson also talked with Cheif Akiwenzie of the Chippewas of Nawash about this project .We collaborated on our ideas and this is what we agreed on .
Cobble Links has respectfully built a new somewhat circular surround for the Memorial of Nahneebahweequa.

The circle represents an harmonious relationship with nature and with all living things who are our relatives and that all things are connected and equal because in a circle there is no beginning and no end.Birds make their nests in circles; we dance in circles, the circle stands for the Sun and Moon and all round things in the natural world. The circle is an endless creation, with endless connections to the present, all that went before and all that will come in the future."

Mr. John Anderson of Cobble Links did the work.

He left the iron bed frame that the Woman's Institute of Kemble put around in 1938?

Finally that old falling down white make shift fence is gone.

The Cedar rails represent one of the four sacred medicine cedar .Cedar is a sacred plant that is burned during ceremonies of cleansing, clearing,and blessing. It is used during prayer and meditation to cleanse rooms. The stones are Grandfather stones made into pillars facing in the four directions with a cap stone of the corresponding color for each direction

yellow for the east
red for the south
black for the west and
white for the north.

Grandfather stones give us their wisdom and experience and watch over us.

The four directions of the Medicine Wheel remind us of many things, such as the need for balance in the world, and the balance we must strive for everyday within ourselves.
The four direction teachings go clockwise, beginning in the east. So we always enter from the eastern door.

Catherine's Memorial Stone has not been replaced but has been repaired .

I plan to plant the four medicines in the four directions , in the surround before the snow flies.

I don't no if there will be a dedication or not .Maybe next year 2010 around her date of death in Sept.

Hope you like what we ended up with.

Cobble Links donated their time, all materials and money to build this surround.

Thank you John Anderson and Cobble Links.


Susan Schank